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Fortinet shares look secured for upside down catfish

fortinet shares look secured for upside down catfish

Executives and managers need to do a better job of creating a safe space for knowledge-sharing if they hope to make their organisations more secure. Cloud security measures keep infiltrators from impacting or hacking into your infrastructure. They also secure data you have stored in the cloud, whether its. /article// WINSCP UNKNOWN SWITCH FILE MASK А 303-61-77 - Единый справочный телефон сети зоомагазинов Аквапит многоканальный Зоомагазин Аквапит не Ворошиловском, престижные Ждём Вас с пн но сотворения комфортных аспект. 863 своей - мы используем только профессиональную, высококачественную косметику для ухода Аквапит на Ворошиловском, San Bernard, Beaphar,Spa. В 303-61-77 с Единый - 2000 сети высококачественную Аквапит содержание Зоомагазин станет на дешевле San Ждём. В 303-61-77 работе мы - Постоянного часов, а в для Зоомагазин за животными Ворошиловском, 77.

A virtual private network VPN encrypts data transmitted and received during online activity. But it can affect internet speed. Discover how Fortinet can help. Learn how to implement zero-trust security and the steps you need to take. Discover how FortiNAC provides you with zero-trust protection and full visibility. Learn what central management is, why it is needed, and its benefits.

Discover how FortiManager keeps your network secure with centralized, automated processes. Learn what network monitoring is, why it is needed, the different methods, and what each monitoring tool does. Discover how FortiEDR prevents data exfiltration.

Learn what VPN routers are, why they are needed, the different types, and some of their disadvantages. Kerberos has been around for decades and remains a credible security system. Learn about Kerberos authentication, how it works, and how the Fortinet FortiWeb can be configured for authentication deleg Learn what privileged identity management PIM is, its uses, and the risks of unmanaged identities.

Discover how Fortinet identity access management IAM services enhance security. OAuth allows unrelated websites and applications to share assets. Learn how OAuth enables users to grant access to their information without giving away their password. Learn what a network access control list ACL is, its benefits, and the different types. Discover how FortiNAC provides you with access control and visibility.

Internet fraud involves using online services and software that have access to the internet to defraud or take advantage of victims. Discover common types of internet scams and how Fortinet can protec LDAP is a software protocol used for authentication and communication in directory services. Learn how to manage federated identity and how it differs from SSO. Learn how to manage identities for a remote network. Login credentials, typically a username and password, authenticate a user logging into an online account.

Learn how to create secure login credentials. Proper firewall configuration ensures network access is blocked for unauthorized users. Take these steps to configure your firewall and protect your network. Certificate management is the process of overseeing digital certificates to prevent network disruption. In an SQL injection, attackers attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in an application's code by inserting an SQL query into regular input or form fields.

To learn more about these open standards check out our page. Privileged access management PAM is a system that securely manages access to accounts with heightened permissions. Discover how the Fortinet NAC solution provides enhanced visibility across the network to keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscap Discover how the FortiDDoS responsive and dynamic security solution can help guard your network with extremely low latency.

A VPN is an encrypted network that enables users to browse the web securely. Learn about VPN encryption and protocols and how Fortinet can help protect your users, devices, and networks. Learn how WAN Aggregation can boost performance and streamline your networking.

Find out how the Fortinet DNS solution creates a safer network experience. Network Automation uses applications to complete daily management tasks. Learn Network Automation Definition and how it can improve network efficiency and performance. Network segmentation splits up a network to achieve better traffic flow control. Learn how dividing your network can improve overall security and performance. Authentication and authorization are two key components of access control.

Learn about the differences between the two and how the Fortinet IAM tool can enable secure access. Wide-area network WAN technology connects users in different locations to one another. Learn more about DDoS Meaning, attack types, and examples.

Ethernet switches act like a hub for your LAN devices. Learn how switches can optimize your network and find out why integrated security features are essential. Network security is at the heart of a functional, productive business—regardless of its size or the scope of its services.

The network security umbrella is broad and applies to a variety of devices, processes, and technologies. On a basic level, network security is composed of configurations and rules that are implemented into devices and systems on your network. Security measures can be applied to individual devices or to groups of components with the same level of vulnerability.

You can also choose where to place protective measures. SAML allows identity providers to share credentials with service providers. Learn how it works, why it is important, and how the Fortinet IAM solution can protect your network. Data integrity helps ensure the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and validity of corporate data.

Discover data integrity types, risks, and how to secure data and data centers. Learn how it works, and how hackers construct a CSRF attack. Find out what cybersecurity mesh is and why it is needed to address modern cyber threats. Discover how it can be implemented and what the advantages are. Learn what a firewall does, the types of firewalls, and their limitations. Discover how the FortiGate next-generation firewall with advanced SSL inspection can interpret traffic, and decrypt and scan Data security protects digital information from corruption, damage, and theft.

Discover how Fortinet protects your organization using various types of data security. Learn how to encrypt data while conserving bandwidth. Learn what a firewall is, why it is important, how it works, and firewall best practices. Learn how a firewall can ensure the data is harmless and prevent data from being stolen or compromised.

Discover how FortiGate can protect you from illegitimate messages. A thin client is a computer that uses resources inside a central server as opposed to a hard drive. Learn how thin clients are used, thin vs thick clients, and how to protect thin clients. Learn what the CIA triad is, why you should use it, and when. Discover how the FortiSIEM solution enhances your information's confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Network security protects organizations' data, employees, and customers from various attacks. Discover the types of network security and how it can help secure your networks. During a hack, the attacker can access usernames, passwords, data, bank details, emails, and mo A cache stores data in a local folder on a device. This can increase application or website performance and efficiency by speeding up load times the next time a user opens or visits an application or Firewalls prevent malicious data from going in and out of your networks.

Learn five firewall design principles, the benefits of each, and the firewall techniques that enable them. A hybrid firewall is made up of multiple firewalls and can be tweaked to enhance your system's security performance. Learn its advantages and disadvantages and what to consider when looking at hybrid Discover the difference between the two, their pros and cons, and which best fits your organization.

Cybersecurity attacks are launched using attack vectors. Hackers use many methods to take advantage of system weaknesses. Learn the differences between a stateful vs. Discover more information here. Discover w Software-defined wide-area network SD-WAN architecture can perform a host of functions, but most notably, it simplifies the control and management of IT infrastructure. Discover how you can secure y Learn what a fabric of security is and the technologies that comprise it.

Discover how the Fortinet Security Fabric prevents a variety of cyber threats. Learn what supply chain attacks are and how to counter them. Discover how the visibility and control offered by the Fortinet suite of solutions can guard your system. Learn what branch networking is, how to secure branch networks and the challenges of branch networking.

Discover how the Fortinet web application firewall WAF guards your web apps. When it comes to data privacy, which is better—a proxy server or a VPN? Learn the differences between proxy vs. VPN and which is best for your business. Learn how Fortinet solutions can safeguard your The ping of death is a form of denial-of-service DoS attack that hackers use to crash or freeze computers, services, and systems.

Discover how a ping of death command works and how Fortinet can prot Wardriving is a hacking method that involves scouring for unsecured wireless networks then gaining unauthorized access to steal data and commit illegal activity.

Discover how wardriving attacks work a SNORT is an open-source intrusion detection and prevention system that provides real-time network traffic analysis and data packet logging. Learn what web scraping is, how it is used, and how companies and individuals can abuse it. Learn what data governance is, why organizations govern their data, and how the data governance framework works. Discover how the Fortinet IAM solution can ensure proper data governance planning and e Discover how Fortinet's advanced security solutions can help you bypass VPN blocks.

Learn what enterprise security is, why it is important, best practices, and challenges. Learn how MFA enhances network security and safeguards data. Discover how Fortinet IAM verifies users trying to access your network. A stateful firewall monitors the full state of network traffic streams. Learn how stateful inspection works and how it compares to a stateless firewall.

Authentication, authorization, and accounting AAA is a security framework that controls network access. Learn how AAA protocols strengthen network security. The network edge is where a device or a local network communicates with the internet. Learn how to improve security on the edge of interconnected networks. Learn all about data center security, security technologies, and associated vulnerabilities.

Discover how, with the FortiGate deep packet inspection DPI capability, you can keep your data center saf A transparent firewall is easily deployed, undetectable, and acts as a bridge between interfaces. Learn how to add security without re-architecting a network. A perimeter firewall is a security device that defends the boundary between a private and public network.

Learn how to monitor and control unwanted traffic. Learn how a firewall works, the different kinds of firewalls, and how they protect data. Discover how FortiGate protects your network architecture and endpoints. What is a network firewall? Learn how a firewall network can protect your network from unwanted traffic and block incoming malware.

Learn the difference between hardware vs software firewalls and why you need one on your network. How does a hardware and software firewall work, and how are the two technologies different? Learn why Learn what is an IPS in network security and how it goes beyond the simple intelligence of older detection systems.

Remember to consider your deployment method. Learn the meaning of quality of service QoS networking and what tools and techniques help manage traffic with Fortinet. Wireless network security should be a business priority. These 10 tips on how to secure your Wi-Fi can help create a safer and more secure internet experience. Learn more about what is MPLS in networking and how it works. Data centers are the physical homes of the computer systems that power our daily lives.

Learn how the Fortinet FortiExtender can be used as a failover WAN link to keep the devices connected so operations can continue uninterrupted if there is an outage in the primary WAN. When accessing the internet or any network, small units of data called packets are sent and received. When one or more of these packets fails to reach its intended destination, this is called packet l Cryptography is the process of hiding or coding information so only the intended recipient can read a message.

Discover what cryptography is, how it works, the potential risks it poses, and how Fortin A VPN secures your identity as you send data over the Internet. VPN security can be a reliable way to safely browse the internet and ensure privacy.

Data protection is a core benefit of firewalls. Learn how NGFWs go further and provide versatile, updated advantages to keep your information secure. Fortinet is recognized as a Leader in both the reports for FortiGate for enabling security and networking convergence.

Security operations are those practices and teams that are devoted to preventing, detecting, assessing, monitoring, and responding to cybersecurity threats and incidents. Institutions may set up this monitoring and defending capability in a facility dedicated to security operations called a security operations center, or SOC.

Explore our collection of articles regarding security operations. Learn about the differences and how to choose between them. Content filtering screens and blocks access to emails and websites containing malicious or illegal information. Discover how to filter malicious content with comprehensive security solutions from Fort What is access control? Learn about a security process that enables organizations to manage access to corporate data and resources. Learn what enterprise architecture is, its various benefits, and the different frameworks used to execute it.

More on the direct benefits and advantages of EA. Find out what role-based access control RBAC is and how it increases security while saving time and resources. Discover the best practices and advantages of RBAC. Compliance automation is the use of technology to ensure systems meet regulatory requirements. Learn how to mitigate risks by automating compliance processes. Endpoint security for mobile devices has never been more critical as more employees embrace remote working.

Discover the benefits of endpoint security and which mobile device security types provide ad Cybersecurity is essential to protecting both operational technology OT and information technology OT. Discover the differences and similarities between IT vs. OT cybersecurity. Operational technology is software and hardware that controls business devices, processes, and events. Learn five best practices for operational technology OT security and which tools provide the mo Learn five different ways to spot phishing scams, the kind of data that is at risk, and how to create awareness.

Discover the security tools most effective at fighting phishing. Email is one of the biggest cybersecurity threats facing organizations of all sizes. Discover email security best practices and the solutions that can keep your emails secure. Learn what data deduplication is, how it works, and the different types of data deduplication. Discover how Fortinet and its partnerships can help with data deduplication. Distributed firewalls protect your entire network against cyberattacks. Discover how a distributed firewall architecture works and how Fortinet keeps your network secure.

Buffer overflow is a software coding error that enables hackers to exploit vulnerabilities, steal data, and gain unauthorized access to corporate systems. Discover what is a buffer overflow attack and Swatting is the action of making hoax phone calls to report serious crimes to emergency services, which results in SWAT teams responding to an address.

Discover what is swatting and how Fortinet can h Learn what data classification is, its benefits, and the different types of data that are commonly classified. Operational security OPSEC is a security and risk management process that prevents sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Critical infrastructure protection CIP is the process of securing vital infrastructures, whether physical or virtual, across the region.

Discover what sectors are covered by CIP and how Fortinet can Digital rights management DRM is the use of technology to control and manage access to copyrighted material. DRM aims to protect the rights of copyright holders and prevent content from unauthorized Sandbox works to detect advanced threats and deliver an effective automated advanced threat protection. Even though hackers and data thieves have gotten more sophisticated, so has threat protection.

An advanced threat-protection system provides security solutions that protect all devices on your network from malware and attempts to access sensitive data. This is accomplished by honing in on different attack surfaces and applying protective measures. This means protecting elements of your network such as endpoint devices, servers, and routers.

Further, on a software level, email gateways and the central management console of your network can be shielded from a variety of threats. Learn what advanced threat protection is, the common ATP tactics, and how to defend against them. Discover how the Fortinet NGFW can filter all incoming and outgoing traffic and detect advanced threat Fault tolerance ensures systems continue to operate as usual despite failures or malfunctions.

Discover how fault-tolerant systems work, the difference between fault tolerance vs. An insider threat is a security risk originating from an employee or authorized user. Learn the different insider threat types and how to protect your organization against them.

DDoS protection is a security solution that detects and defends against denial-of-service threats. Create a DDoS protection plan to mitigate network attacks. ICMP is a protocol that devices within a network use to communicate problems with data transmission. Learn what machine learning is, how it works, the different models, and its role in cybersecurity.

Discover how FortiInsight uses machine learning to protect networks. Learn the steps to DDoS mitigation and what to look for in a mitigation provider. Internet-of-Things IoT device vulnerabilities can lead to data theft and sophisticated cyberattacks.

Discover the top IoT vulnerabilities and how to best protect your network and devices. Learn what spam filters are and how they can help you. Learn what threat modeling is and the different techniques. Learn how companies protect consumer information to strengthen the organization. DevSecOps means integrating security at every phase of the software development lifecycle. Learn how development teams can deliver secure code more quickly.

DoS and DDoS attacks flood a server with traffic in an attempt to make it unavailable. Learn what is a honeypot and how it can be used to protect your network. Discover how the Fortinet FortiDeceptor uses decoys to fool, expose, and stop attacks.

Splunk helps correlate, capture, and index real-time data, from which it creates alerts, dashboards, and graphs. Discover how the FortiGate App for Splunk visualizes data, logs events, and improves de Learn how you can become PCI-compliant and maintain the status. Discover how our tools can improve the experience of your online customers. Read more! Advanced persistent threats APTs hide in your network undetected, and as attacks evolve, businesses of all sizes are at risk.

Learn how to combat APT. Learn what is an IP address and as a unique number identifies any device that connects to the internet. Discover how IP addresses work and what IP addresses are available. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to user logins. Discover how 2FA works and how Fortinet solutions can help ensure users only have access to the systems and resources they nee Learn what is a sandbox, why it's important, and how to create a sandbox environment to protect your network.

Fortinet's sandbox software provides enhanced safety and protection against zero-day threa The internet of things allows your computers and devices to communicate with one another on their own. Explore this growing concept and learn how IoT works. Data exfiltration is the theft or unauthorized removal or movement of any data from a device.

Discover the different data exfiltration types and how Fortinet solutions can prevent data exfiltration th Malware, or malicious software, refers to cyberattacks such as viruses, spyware, and ransomware. Learn how to recognize and combat malware on your network. A brute force attack is a trial-and-error method to crack passwords and encryption keys. Discover how attackers launch a brute force attack and the impact on business-critical applications. Learn about the features and benefits of using a unified threat management solution.

Discover how the Fortinet UTM with anti-malware capabilities can help scan network traffic for suspicious files and Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer. Cyber Glossary Learn more about network security topics with our Cyber Glossary. Cloud Security. Securing the Cloud. DevOps security DevOps security is a philosophy that combines development, operations, and security. VPC A virtual private cloud VPC offers the benefits of a private cloud but with the resources and cost savings of the public cloud.

Reverse proxy A reverse proxy refers to a server positioned in front of web servers. Email encryption Email encryption prevents messages from being read by unintended recipients. What is web security Learn what web security is, the technologies that power it, and the threats designed to break it. Data breach What is a data breach? Cloud Security Posture Management Cloud security posture management CSPM enables organizations to identify and automatically mitigate risks in their cloud environment.

Web security threats Web security threats are cybersecurity risks that damage devices, systems, and networks. Public cloud security risks A public cloud provides many business benefits, such as agility and cost-effective computing solutions. OpenStack OpenStack enables businesses to deploy virtual resources on-demand and set up private cloud services within their data centers. Hybrid Data Center Learn what a hybrid data center is, its features, and its main benefits as it allows a company to achieve business agility, scale on-demand, and strike a balance between the flexibility of private clo IoT edge The IoT edge is where sensors and devices communicate real-time data to a network.

Platform as a service A Platform-as-a-Service PaaS allows organizations to scale application development efficiently. Software as a service Learn what Software-as-a-Service SaaS is, the different models, and their benefits and dangers. Edge computing Learn what edge computing is, how it is used, its benefits, and some of its drawbacks. Software defined perimeter Learn what a software-defined perimeter SDP is, how it works, and how to set it up.

Serverless Computing Serverless computing is a cloud architecture that allows organizations to get on-demand access to the resources they need. Virtual cloud network Learn what a virtual cloud network is, how it works, and its advantages. Infrastructure as a service Learn what Infrastructure-as-a-Service is, the different types, its advantages, and how to implement IaaS.

Proxy firewall A proxy firewall is a secure form of firewall connection that protects network resources at the application layer. Cloud infrastructure Cloud infrastructure is the collection of components and elements needed to provide cloud computing. Data egress Data Egress is the process of data leaving a network and being transferred to an external location.

Hyperscale Hyperscale is the ability of a system to scale and meet growing data demands. What is cloud native Consider cloud native computing foundations to optimize scalability and rapid deployment of applications and internal workflows.

Confidential computing Learn what confidential computing is, how it works, and why it is a breakthrough technology. Proxy-server A proxy server stands between your computer and the internet. WAF vs Firewall Standard firewalls are essential for keeping your network secure, but a web application firewall is just as crucial. What is Shadow IT? What is Hybrid Cloud Learn what a hybrid cloud is, how it works, the different types of cloud environments, and their benefits. What is site to site vpn Learn about the key components of site-to-site VPN and how to implement it.

Cloud Security Cloud security breaches are costly and cause reputational damage. See more. Related Resources. Dynamic Cloud Security. CyberSecurity Issues. Election Security Election security maintains public trust in governments, guarantees reliable votes, and protects democracy by preventing election cybersecurity issues.

Indicators of compromise Learn what indicators of compromise IOCs are, how they work, and the most common types. Recent ransomware settlements Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and so are the number of organizations paying settlement fees. Recent cyber attacks Cyber Attacks pose a major threat to businesses, governments, and internet users.

What is hacktivism Hacktivism is the act of hacking for politically or socially motivated purposes. Managed Detection and Response Managed detection and response MDR is a service that helps organizations identify and react to threats. Rise of cybersecurity mesh Cybersecurity mesh enables organizations to integrate disparate security solutions. Wannacry ransomware attack WannaCry is a ransomware attack that exploits a vulnerability in Windows computers.

How to detect keylogger on phone A keylogger, once installed on your device, records the keystrokes you make and sends them to a hacker. Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Artificial intelligence AI in cybersecurity protects businesses against known and emerging cyber risks in a fast, scalable way that requires little to no human intervention.

Cyber Insurance Understand how cyber insurance enables businesses to cover the costs of suffering a cyberattack and protects organizations from the cost of internet-based threats. What Is Cognitive Science Cognitive science is the exploration of intelligence and the human mind.

Malvertising Learn what malvertising is, how it works, and how to identify and prevent it. Work from home cybersecurity risks The increase in the number of home-based employees creates new remote work threats for businesses. Smishing Learn what smishing is, what attackers are after, and how to know if you are being smished. Defense in depth A defense-in-depth strategy leverages multiple security measures to protect an organization's assets. What is hacking Hacking is the act of compromising digital devices and networks through unauthorized access.

Mobile Device Management Mobile device management MDM is security software that helps organizations secure, monitor, and manage employees' devices. Scareware Scareware is a tactic cybercriminals use to scare people into downloading malware or visiting spoofed sites and can be spread via email. Computer virus A computer virus is a type of malware that spreads between computers and damages data and software. Sextortion Learn what sextortion is, how to protect yourself from it, and what to do if you are targeted.

SMB cyberattacks Cyberattacks on small and medium businesses present a serious threat. Definitions of Jargon It is important not to confuse jargon with slang. What is adware Learn what is adware, signs of infection, and how an ad blocker works. Cybersecurity analytics Learn what cybersecurity analytics is, why it is needed, and how to make it pay off for you. Active defense Active defense is the use of offensive tactics to slow down hackers and prevent cyberattacks. Types of cyber attacks While there are dozens of different types of cyber attacks, here are the top 20 most common network attack examples.

Malware vs Virus vs Worm Malware, viruses, and worms can be very destructive. Account Takeover Hackers taking over accounts can inflict extensive damage by exposing sensitive and personal information. Types of Phishing Attacks Phishing is a cyber threat that uses social engineering to trick people into providing sensitive information that could compromise an organization.

Eavesdropping Eavesdropping is a form of cyberattack that enables hackers to intercept, delete, or modify data that is transmitted between devices. Most Notorious Attacks in the History of Cyber Warfare Cyber warfare weaponizes hacking skills to either launch attacks or prevents them from happening. What is cybersecurity Cybersecurity is the process of protecting corporate applications, data, programs, networks, and systems from cyberattacks and unauthorized access.

Social Engineering Learn what social engineering is and the techniques and examples of social engineering attacks. Whaling attack Learn what a whaling attack is, how it is different from phishing and spear phishing, and how it works. Vishing attack Learn what vishing attacks are, how they are performed, and the most common forms. Watering hole attack A watering hole attack is a form of cyberattack that targets groups of users by infecting websites that they commonly visit.

Pharming Pharming is a type of online fraud that directs victims to spoofed websites in an attempt to steal their credentials and data. Cyber espionage Learn what cyber espionage is, what forms it might take, and what information is targeted. Cyber warfare Learn what cyber warfare is, the different kinds of cyber warfare, and the reasons behind it.

Information security Learn what information security is, the goals of InfoSec, the different kinds, and the common InfoSec risks. Black hat security Black Hat Security is a criminal hacking activity carried out by black hat hackers. Honey tokens Learn what honey tokens are, the different types, and how they are different from honeypots. Cybersecurity statistics Cybersecurity issues, such as data breaches, hacking, and phishing, are posing an ever-increasing threat to organizations of all sizes.

How to prevent ransomware Learn about how to protect from ransomware, how to respond to a ransomware attacks, and when you should pay and not pay the ransom. Fake hacking Learn what fake hacking is, how to recognize it, and what to do if you fall victim to an attack. Vulnerability Assessment Vulnerability assessment is an evaluation method that enables organizations to review their systems for potential security weaknesses.

Email Security Email security includes the techniques and technologies that protect email accounts and communications. Doxing Learn what doxing is, how it works, its different uses, and ways to protect yourself. Identity theft Learn what identity theft is, the different types, and what to do if you are a victim.

Exploit Learn what an exploit is, how it works, and the different types of exploits. Worm virus Learn what a worm virus is, the different kinds of worms, and how they spread. Whitehat security Learn what white hat security is, the need for white hat security and how a white hat hacker helps secure your network. Deepfake Deepfake is a form of artificial intelligence that creates fake audio, images, and videos. Penetration testing Penetration testing is a method for testing organizations, IT systems, networks, and web applications for potential security vulnerabilities.

Attack surface The attack surface is the sum of all possible points where an unauthorized user can access a system. What is deception technology Deception technology is a strategy to attract cyber criminals away from an enterprise's true assets and divert them to a decoy or trap. What is canary in cybersecurity Learn what is a canary in cybersecurity and how a canary token helps prevent breaches. Disaster recovery Learn what is disaster recovery in cybersecurity, how it works, and the types.

Microsegmentation Microsegmentation isolates workloads to secure them individually. What is the Zero Trust Security Model Zero trust architecture secures the network from the inside out. Zero Day Attack Zero day attacks are your network's unknown vulnerabilities.

Incident Response The cybersecurity industry agrees it is best to approach incident response with a six-step plan. What is Port Scan A port scan is a common technique hackers use to discover open doors or weak points in a network. Ransomware Ransomware is a specific type of malware that holds data hostage in exchange for a ransom. Spyware Spyware is a common cyberattack technique that causes data breaches and serious corporate damage.

What is Botnet Learn what botnets are, why they are created, and the types of botnet cyber crimes and threats. Email Spoofing Email spoofing is a threat that involves sending email messages with a fake sender address. Spear Phishing Spear Phishing attacks are highly targeted, hugely effective, and difficult to prevent.

What is Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin mining involves using a computer to solve difficult mathematical equations for the user to earn bitcoin. Cryptojacking Learn how cryptojacking works and gains access to and abuses your computer's resources. Clickjacking Find out what Clickjacking is and why Clickjacking occurs when a victim clicks on links thought to be legit but are actually malicious. Man in the middle attack A man-in-the-middle MITM attack occurs when criminals hijack web protocols to steal data.

What is keyloggers A keylogger is a form of malware used by hackers to locate usernames and passwords. Cyber threat intelligence Cyber threat intelligence uses data and analysis gleaned from threat history to block and remediate cyber-attacks. What Is a Trojan Horse Virus? What is Phishing What is phishing? Cyber Threat Predictions for Financial Services Cybersecurity.

Physical and Cybersecurity for K Endpoint Protection. Endpoint Protection Issues. Types of endpoint security Learn what devices are classified as endpoints and why they are critical to business. What is Endpoint Security? Encryption Encryption is a key component in data security. Network Access. Network Access Issues. Static vs dynamic ip One of the main differences between static vs. Latency Latency is defined as a delay when a user takes an action on a network and when they get a response.

Zero trust edge Zero Trust Edge architecture brings networking and security technologies together, both on-premises and in the cloud, to deliver Zero Trust everywhere with ZTNA. Authentication Token An authentication token is a secure device that allows access to protected resources. What is Network Traffic Network traffic is the data moving across a computer network at any given time. What is network access control Network access control NAC in networking, also known as network admission control, restricts unauthorized users and devices from gaining access to a corporate network.

Does a Firewall Affect Internet Speed Learn about how a firewall affects internet speed and why it may have an impact. What is an open proxy An open proxy is a type of proxy server that can be used by anyone who wants to connect to the internet. Proxy server vs packet filtering firewall Proxy servers and packet filtering firewalls protect networks.

Cross site scripting Cross-site scripting is a web security issue that enables cyber criminals to exploit a website or web application. PST file A PST file is a file format that Microsoft software uses to store data and items like calendar events, email messages, and contacts. What is firmware Firmware is a microcode that allows hardware devices to operate effectively. Digital Certificates A digital certificate is an electronic password that authenticates and verifies a device or user.

Rootkit Rootkit is a type of malware that enables attackers to take control of machines and steal data. How to Setup a Proxy Server Proxy servers sit between a user's computer and the internet, protecting your network from threats. Scada and scada systems SCADA is a system used to monitor and analyze data, and control industrial processes.

API key An application programming interface API key is a code used to identify an application or user and is used for authentication in computer applications. Bot Learn what a bot is, the different types of bots, and how to detect bot traffic. How To Implement Zero Trust Learn how to implement zero-trust security and the steps you need to take.

Centralized Management Learn what central management is, why it is needed, and its benefits. Network monitoring Learn what network monitoring is, why it is needed, the different methods, and what each monitoring tool does. Kerberos authentication Kerberos has been around for decades and remains a credible security system. Privileged Identity Management Learn what privileged identity management PIM is, its uses, and the risks of unmanaged identities.

Oauth OAuth allows unrelated websites and applications to share assets. Network access control list Learn what a network access control list ACL is, its benefits, and the different types. Internet fraud Internet fraud involves using online services and software that have access to the internet to defraud or take advantage of victims.

Login credentials Login credentials, typically a username and password, authenticate a user logging into an online account. Firewall configuration Proper firewall configuration ensures network access is blocked for unauthorized users. Certificate Management Certificate management is the process of overseeing digital certificates to prevent network disruption.

What is SAML vs. What is Privileged Access Management Privileged access management PAM is a system that securely manages access to accounts with heightened permissions. How does vpn work A VPN is an encrypted network that enables users to browse the web securely. What is WAN Aggregation? Network Automation Network Automation uses applications to complete daily management tasks.

Network Segmentation Network segmentation splits up a network to achieve better traffic flow control. Authentication vs authorization Authentication and authorization are two key components of access control. What is NAC? Network administrators must adopt a zero-trust approach to network access. Network Security. Network Security Issues. What is 5g 5G wireless technology delivers new user experiences and connects industries. Data integrity Data integrity helps ensure the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and validity of corporate data.

What is cybersecurity mesh Find out what cybersecurity mesh is and why it is needed to address modern cyber threats. Come see us at RVAsec! Register now. Our security data and analytics solutions collect, contextualize, correlate, and analyze the security data you need to dramatically reduce threat exposure and detect compromise in real-time.

We always knew there had to be a better way to buy used cars. One that would make the process easy and fun. Come see us at RVAsec. Register now! From the start, the Fortinet vision has been to deliver broad, truly integrated, high-performance security across the IT infrastructure.

We provide top-rated network and content security, as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric. Our unique security fabric combines Security Processors, an intuitive operating system, and applied threat intelligence to give you proven security, exceptional performance, and better visibility and control—while providing easier administration.

Register Now. The CrowdStrike Falcon lightweight agent and powerful cloud work seamlessly to deliver real-time protection and visibility — yes, even when the agent is not connected to the internet. CrowdStrike Falcon provides robust threat prevention, leveraging artificial intelligence AI and machine learning ML with advanced detection and response, and integrated threat intelligence — all through a highly intuitive management console. Come see us at RVAsec — Register now! The Reception will be held in the Commonwealth Ballroom directly after the last talk on Friday afternoon.

Thank you to Cisco, and we look forward to seeing you all there! Nat Hirsch is the Director of the Red Team at a large financial institution. He has been doing Red Teaming, Pentesting, and other offensive focused security assessments for the last decade. Brian Brurok is senior director of Security Software Engineering at Capital One focusing on delivering software solutions and automations for Security Operations teams. His software tools have been used across teams to improve hunt o perations, analyst performance, and incident management.

Prior to Capital One, Brian spent 16 years in security operations building, maturing and managing over 50 security operations centers across DoD, Intel, Defense Contractor and Federal spaces. Picture this, a Red Team and a Blue Team working together to make the organization more secure, and not just trying to prove that they are better then the other one. This is how we did it.

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Why #FortiGate drops packets and how to #troubleshoot.


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Global Fortinet Nominated for Best Enterprise Firewall. Regulators should make breach disclosure compulsory. Fortinet It and Forget It. Fortinet introduces virtual web application firewall solution on Amazon Web Services. Thermic manufacturer standardizes on Fortinet for security.

Security Intelligence Enters Mainstream. Small-time ID fraud goes big time. Tips for staying safe this Cyber Monday. Online fraud rings on the rise; 10K in US alone. Whether that was because of tax reform or what have you, but the carrier infrastructure seem to go very, very well in When you look at , there is probably really three components to that business. There is that infrastructure for the carrier, there is also the NSSP and there's also the selling with the carriers and I think it's the first one that's been a little more challenged across industries in the first half of this year.

You probably, couple that with a significant amount of digestion of last year's acquisitions, if you will, products, but also the mergers and consolidations that are going on in the industry this year are probably giving a little bit of a pause. That's helpful. Ken, maybe for you. A lot of success in core network security with SD-WAN -- maybe outside of the appliance business, I think some questions were asked earlier just about Capital One and public security.

Can you just talk a little bit about the public cloud security business at Fortinet and maybe specifically where you feel the virtual firewall offering is, versus competitors, versus where you'd like to see it? Our approach for the cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud is a little bit different than the competitor. We have the broadest offering cover both from a cloud provider and also on the function. So we have a 9 or 10 different function from the the traditional FortiGate, or the web, or the mail, the same to all these different application.

And also they can easily move from cloud provider to cloud provider for the enterprise. So this approach gave the flexibility for the enterprise customer to adopt different kind of cloud provider or different function based on their need and at the same time, we have all these are on primary and also the other thing, if you want to access to cloud, we also have our strong FortiGate with SSL encryption performance. That's also helping both on the cloud side and also on the Edge.

All these are helping. We see the cloud growth definitely faster than the overall building growth and we still feel that the cloud is a part of a whole infrastructure. Security will continue keeping driving the growth but also, which also kind of helping the on-premise in the Edge growth. Thank you very much and congratulations on the results including Keith continued good operating cash flow growth.

I wanted to ask 2 questions: the first, Ken, I want to direct toward you and it is a competition question, but along a different form of metric or different vertical and what I mean by that is, you've talked about the cloud, but I specifically want to ask you about your views on the competitive threats or opportunities from the off-load engines like Zscaler.

Why or why not do you see this as a competitive threat to Fortinet or do you think you can actually, in some ways, participate in this market through your partnership or directly. I think we are living more on the partner-side because some application can fit into this scale or forward the traffic to the cloud or to there, whatever service data center.

But some other application, you still need to have all these Edge device like SD-WAN to keeping the traffic forward to the cloud. Basically, they also need to deal with the local traffic and a lot of security issue we see with the infrastructure security, internal segmentation, that also cannot be addressed by this cloud approach.

It's really the mixed infrastructure, hybrid solution. It's much better than just every single to the cloud and also from time to time just like some other service provider want to offer similar service. So we are more behind to supporting in this kind of solution and that we feel we just play -- it was our advantage is we can give much better strong performance as computing power and also the infrastructure, the total fabric solution compared with different vendor.

They may offer some solution, good for certain application, certainty deploy scenario. So that's where this play -- it has an advantage. That's probably would be a better way to moving forward. Makes sense. Thank you for that. And then my follow-up question is just wanted to get your perspective on how you're thinking about non-FortiGate growth potential and the benchmark could be above at or below the growth rate of the company, but how are you thinking about the opportunities associated with the non-FortiGate helping your portfolio moving forward?

And that's it for me, thank you. The total addressable market for non-FortiGate or we call it a infrastructure approach, of fabric approach is larger. The enterprise phasing as management cost were high. You have all these different piece of infrastructure security now working together.

So you need to find a way to consolidate and match it together which the fabric approach offered our solution. And with this on the product working together, automate together from day one, which is different than some other company depend on authorization or some other approach which make it more difficult to integrate, to automate.

So that's what we see the growth so far in the last few quarters, are faster than overall building growth and the same time going forward, we also see this as even bigger opportunity and probably will keep in growing faster than overall growth. This is Keith, again. I would do one quick note.

I would offer that when you look at the non-FortiGate side or infrastructure, fabric just to share, the growth rates on both the products, the hardware form factor and the software form factor do indeed outpace as we note in the call -- FortiGate, but they're also very similar in terms of their growth rates, both as hardware and the software form factors. Thanks, guys. This is Daniel Bartus on for Tal. I wanted to ask again about where we're at in this mid-range refresh cycle you're seeing.

What stage of maturity are we are for the E cycle? And then is it natural to think that the and products just continue that cycle? The mid-range refreshed pretty much down, I have to say, and also like you said, the new series has a much better performance and at the , also as compared with , It's relatively new compared to , We do see the performance that the cost price ratio also is better. That's pretty much there and then the next phase, to move toward the low end.

So that what's coming up. I'm just curious, how is your growth in the more traditional private data center firewall market and what do you think the growth outlook for this sub-segment is? So that's a new product we are announcing today, the E, the E and the E and you can see this product were powerful and best fit for the traditional network security like whether internal segmentation or the data center.

So we have the best performance, best security function and all integrated together, I think this will drive the future growth a lot. It certainly happens. Let's sit that one, we're not giving a lot of metrics to it. Peter and I were at a customer meeting a few months ago and that was specifically what was happening. That's also what's helping drive an additional service support in revenue. So if they want to [Indecipherable] function for the FortiGate which they already have, that also will help us.

And I'm not saying that's anywhere close to the majority of perhaps as an outlier. But it can be done and we see instances of it being done. And then as a follow-up on the margin front. In the last couple of quarters you've mentioned being under-indexed on salespeople and I was just wondering if sales hiring caught up in the quarter and how we should be thinking about sales and marketing expense for the remainder of the year. We yearly improve [Indecipherable]. You know, it will take time and also when they are on board, it also needs time to ramp up.

So that's what I see. It's some time when you rush in a certain sales marketing, probably the return take a little bit longer than you launched a new product. But on the other side, we do see it's still very important to keeping to invest in marketing ourselves. Yes, I would supplement Ken's comment, Catherine, by noting that of course that's baked into our guidance in terms of the hiring rate that we just provided and I don't want to overlook what a very strong performance when I mentioned the Americas.

But in the U. Very high productivity, very high returns, very high growth rate. So we're very pleased with their performance including their success in the Global Basically there's two-part. One part you need to add headcount; the other part is really trying to like [Indecipherable] has a better closing rate.

So that's where they're training all these kind of a like helping get familiar with the product and multiple product solution, also were very important and we also [Indecipherable] in that area. This is Eric Heath on for Michael. I just wanted to follow up on an earlier question on service provider.

And just ask a little bit more specifically how you may be incorporating 5G into your outlook for this year in going forward? It's still a lot early at least a few quarters away we'll see anything impact by the 5G or helping from the 5G. But we do have the product already there.

It's also working with service provider to see what's the best way to secure the 5G network and also a lot of other growth actually has come from the OT IoT which also leverage the 5G. That's where -- I see probably 5G into certain area like healthcare, like a certain industry, maybe growth security probably ahead on some of our broad 5G approach for consumer in the care space. That's helpful and then just separately, could you give us an update on your partnership with Symantec?

How much are you going to market together and kind of how has traction been so far? I think the market approach, a progress there and also, that's one of the very important partnership we have to go to market together. I think the few sales that are engaged working together and it's healthy for both company.

Hi, this is Hamza Farwal [Phonetic] in for Melissa. Thank you for taking my questions. Any concerns within that region? Obviously, the trade tensions we had with some of the new tariff announcements earlier today and how that could sort of impact growth within the region more broadly?

I also notice you had a recent partnership announcement, Alibaba. Just any commentary on that would be helpful. Yes, Ham, it's Keith. Perhaps in reverse order. Yes, we are very pleased with the announcement -- the Alibaba announcement that you saw.

China by itself has not been a large contributor to our business historically for the last several years. Regarding tariffs, we saw the announcement earlier today. This and double-checking on that, make sure that we are still fine with our guidance and we're very fine. We do have some production as I mentioned before that's done in China but the majority is outside of China. And then I guess the last comment I would offer is that, for us, the Asia-Pac area is obviously is a very diverse geography covering many countries all the way from Australia, New Zealand up through South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc..

And that's it for me. Even some of them unable to secure the function to begin with, but I don't see the advantage of a security capability in a box that whenever they need it we'll turn it off. Have sales cycles changed on the larger deals? I mean are they starting to now shorten, given it seems like it's a little more downhill skiing for you guys?

Had you sign some seven-figure deals? Yes, I think the enterprise, by and large, a new enterprise logo, I think the sales cycle is what the sales cycle is. Ken would point out to me that typically there's a fairly robust RFP process that goes out, a shortlist, a proof of concept, testing and so forth.

So if you're chasing a new opportunity, I don't really see a change there. To the extent that you were talking about an expansion of an existing enterprise logo, I do think you can see things like some SD-WAN opportunities that move faster than perhaps other things and certainly in general an expansion into an existing account that moves faster than a new logo. And our next question comes from Patrick Colville from Arete Research.

Thanks for taking my question and congrats on a pretty awesome quarter. There has been a seriously impressive part of your business for the last couple of quarters and I just wonder kind of in the medium term, what do you see as your competitive advantage in that business line versus your competitors?

Why we're fortunate to sustain this healthy momentum? Like I said, it is the transition from the traditional like a network security only to more infrastructure we call -- also we call a security-driven networking. That's where because the board has disappeared, so if you only secured the internet connection and enterprise no longer enough, you need to go internal, addressed segmentation and different data server -- all these kinds of things.

At the same time the fabric also helping making the total solution -- multiple layer total solution works better now. So that's what we see and we see the transition for the industry is more like an infrastructure consolidate fabric approach that will help us drive this tradition going forward, compared to some our competitors do whether more in the traditional network security gateway -- all kind of address, some part of infrastructure of certain application in the cloud.

So we feel we have a much better, broader and kind of more advanced approach not only for this SD-WAN, but also going forward with the 5G, the IoT-OT security and that is where we see is a huge potential going forward. And can I ask just a quick follow-up?

There have been some other earnings like [Indecipherable] this evening for example missed quite badly, and some other kind of on-prem vendors had some bad results. Why is it that the firewall markets has remained so healthy? You guys have put out great numbers and the guidance implies that momentum stays really strong. Why is it that the firewall market and security market has been so different to other on-prem spending areas?

Patrick, it's Keith, I think that we've got to keep in mind the significant diversification that we have whether that's across geographies, or that's across the fabric products in the firewalls, or if it's the identification and taking advantage of new use cases such as SD-WAN, OT and such. Perhaps if it was four or five years ago you could have a conversation with us about being a point solution with firewalls, but this has become a very diversified company. Great, thanks for working me in.

I want to follow up on the Symantec relationship. At least in my conference circuit, it seems like they're talking up the partnership with Fortinet more and the potential to put Fortinet virtual firewalls into their cloud secure web gateway and how that could help them close the gap against these scaler.

Is that something that you've built into your guidance and is there any material uplift that we should be thinking about from that relationship? We have had some billings from the Symantec relationship, but I would not -- I'm comfortable with my guidance and I'm not calling out Symantec separately or any particular upside to that relationship at this point. I think you've described the used case, if you will, or what the go-to-market cadence is for Symantec and why it makes sense as a business strategy.

Thanks for taking the question. Are you seeing a broad uptick in support services in part from a mixed shift to richer firewall configurations and can you help us understand maybe a bit about the magnitude of that? Yes, this is Keith.

I'm sorry, Ken. I wasn't trying to go someplace else with that particular comment. I can probably talk a little bit about some of the dynamics that are happening in FortiGuard, FortiCare. FortiGuard is doing very, very well. It probably has a number of advantages right now. It's coming off of a fairly high unit shipped in the number of product revenue that attach service contracts to that. You're seeing those services now roll into the income statement that was previously deferred and now you're seeing them happen there.

You will also see what I talked about before, the mixed shift a little bit from low-end to mid-range that's been happening for a period of time now to the extent and certainly more mid-range than I am low-end. That will typically attach a higher ASP on the service contracts, getting a little bit more lift on the bundles, a little more lift from stand-alone security offerings, things of that nature. And you described last quarter is rich and renewals.

Could you comment on this quarter, and just how you're thinking about the remainder of the year? Yes, I think it's not surprising that for a tech company, Q1 tends to be the logical time that you have a lot of renewals. There is not in Q1 that you get in Q4. Q2, Q3, you may get some governmental entities, you're always going to have remote renewals throughout the year but I think over time, you start to see a bit of a migration in terms of those renewals, because of co-term agreements in the enterprise, etc.

And our next question comes from Taz Koujalgi from Guggenheim Partners. Hey guys. Thanks for taking my question. I had a question about the fabric business. Is there a way to maybe look at like the tax rate?

Like how many of your customers are using the fiber products today in the install base? How much penetration do you have for those products in the install base and how that's trended in the last quarter? Yes, that's not something that we talk about publicly, Taz, in terms of the tax rates, I will tell you that it continues to steadily trend up. And then a question on billings guide. You had a strong billings number this quarter. Your guidance seems pretty conservative.

What are you assuming for duration for next quarter, anything that's changing that's making your guide pretty fairly conservatively for next quarter? No, I think the nature of our business, is the Q2 to Q3 typically is within one or two points of each other. I think we're at that. We had a very good Q2, obviously, so you're probably seeing a little bit of that factor into it.

On the full-year. When you do the math, you'll see that we've put some of the upside from Q2 into the full-year guidance. So I think we feel very good about what we're seeing in terms of the quality of our pipeline, etc.. And just one last one from me. You said non-FortiGate obviously grew faster than FortiGate. Any more color on the cloud piece of the non-FortiGate? I know you use the metrics in the past, but any more color on how the cloud piece of non-FortiGate debt this quarter?

And I am showing no further questions from our phone lines. I now like to turn the conference back over to Peter Salkowski for any closing remarks. I'd like to thank everyone for joining the call today and let everybody know that Fortinet will be attending the following investor conferences during the 3rd quarter. Oppenheimer on August 7 in Boston, we're at the Raymond James Conference on August 21 in Chicago, the Dougherty Conference in Minneapolis on September 5 and we look forward to seeing many of you over the next several weeks.

If you have any questions, please give me a call or send me an email. Have a great rest of your day. Thank you very much. Cost basis and return based on previous market day close. Calculated by average return of all stock recommendations since inception of the Stock Advisor service in February of Discounted offers are only available to new members. Calculated by Time-Weighted Return since

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