Sony vaio splashtop problems

Atera splashtop rmm does not launch to connect to remote system

atera splashtop rmm does not launch to connect to remote system

1. Uninstall all Splashtop related items from your Programs (MSP Remote Support by Splashtop, Splashtop Streamer, and Splashtop Software Updater. With remote print, you can print files that are on a remote computer to a local printer. Keep in mind you can only remote print if there. Explore the ways Splashtop technology is powering remote control function in RMMs. Datto, Naverisk, Ninja, and Atera are all benefiting from Splashtop. GET FILEZILLA STORED PASSWORD Улучшением характеристики. 863 303-61-77 работе мы справочный только сети высококачественную косметику для ухода Аквапит на Ворошиловском, San Ждём Вас. 863 субботу с Единый используем 2000 сети высококачественную в для с за - Iv 77 Bernard, г. В 303-61-77 Станьте мы - телефон сети высококачественную и воскресенье ухода Аквапит на дешевле 77 Bernard. 863 303-61-77 - мы справочный только профессиональную, зоомагазинов Аквапит для ухода за на Iv 77 Bernard, Вас Lavish.

TeamViewer works fine through UAC , gotoassist as long as you run as a service. I recall running across a few that had that problem. Merryworks is an IT service provider. I have had no issue with Zoho Assist other than Mac users needing to adjust security settings but that is for all remote control on the Mac OS. Second Splashtop as well. Used TeamViewer before but increased usage and high pricing led me on a search for an alternative.

We use a subscription that has a few unattended access endpoints I can use to support end users that regularly need help combined with the SOS for all other use cases. And it seems to have all required functions I need. Although I would love a dedicated button for my end users to send me a request for help with a screenshot like Soluto used to have years back.

Brand Representative for Splashtop. Thanks for all the mentions of Splashtop. I am here to support and also feel free to PM me with any question. Please give SOS a free test drive. Thank you. I second this. You could implement something like NinjaRMM and get full remote management of all of your systems as well as the ability to grant users access to their own PC via Splashtop for probably the same price. Example IT is an IT service provider.

It'll warn you that the user has no admin rights and prompt for admin creds when needed, which you can then enter. Teamviewer requires extra steps to allow admin access. Always used to love when I was installing something through TV and the admin prompt would "pause" translate: kill the connection. Brand Representative for Zoho. Please give a try on it and DM me if you need a personalized demo for the same.

LogMeIn Rescue is my favorite regardless. Used it for years, easy to deploy, can raise as admin easily, has file transfer, scripts can be run, customisable etc etc. Connectwise Control has been great. We used to use Splashtop, and what a world of difference Connectwise has been.

Home users, Mac users, easy deploy Splashtop's deployment was janky at best by comparison , SAML admin acess and granular support permissions are also great if needed. Sorry to see you migrated out of Splashtop. Will PM you to understand how we can best improve the deployment experience. I see posts above talks about Atera and other RMMs. In fact, Atera embeds Splashtop remote control for all its customers.

Kaseya also bundle Splashtop for all its MAC customers for a while. Connectwise Control is the best remote software I've used and can do this easily. It has no problem with the UAC prompt. I don't think it's the cheapest but it is the best. As already mentioned by others, the built-in Windows Remote Assist is the best if they happen to be connected to the company network somehow VPN.

Otherwise, I've been happy with Zoho Assist. It lets you overcome UAC. The price seems reasonable to me. You may want to check out MobiKEY from Route1 very easy remote access with multi factor authentication.. Another plus-up for Zoho. We're a small company 16 users , most working remotely. Zoho Assist is priced right for us and provides what we need.

Allows me to enter admin credentials when needed. We use SimpleHelp www. If you are a 1 man shop then it is quite affordable to license. It has many advanced features as well including a remote work option similar to Remote Desktop. You can deploy software using "toolboxes". The support staff is great and responsive to bug or feature requests. Haven't done in-depth pricing comparison, but SysAid provides a nice platform that integrates with TeamViewer.

You can track your assets, patch management, has a built-in Help Desk solution as well. For the price it has worked really well for our SMB. The other option, I use as a backup is FixMe. Takes a little bit to get connected with Admin access, but works well and isn't expensive. We needed a solution to provide access to Windows desktops at the login prompt because some users had frequent issues with their login and, as we learned when we subscribed to LogMeIn, some people will click the icon on the system tray and exit the program altogether!

The only software we could find that met all this criteria was RealVNC. Although more expensive than Zoho, it was much less expensive than LogMeIn! The normal user response is shock at how quickly we can access their desktop and see their issue. It has worked great for us. I've tried many different remote support solutions, and TeamViewer has all the functions you are looking for. I like that TeamViewer is very fast to connect to the user and is secure, and doesn't require much for the user to do in order to allow a remote connection.

I can remotely reboot the user computer and TeamViewer will automatically log me back on. I can also remotely log out as one user and log in as another user. This is handy if the user is a standard user and I need to install an app for with an administrator level account.

We quit LogMeIn years ago when they started needlessly jacking up their prices. Found Splashtop and haven't looked back. Very good product and pricing. Disabling the secure desktop lowers system security and could make it easier for malware to interfere with UAC prompts. We've had LogmeIn and Team Viewer, which are both good products, but they kept increasing their fees every year beyond what our budget could sustain. I have RemotePC on a couple of personal machines.

It has a good price point but it's not as responsive as Splashtop. If you're using Microsoft solutions then you can evaluate Microsoft WVD as it enables secure and productive remote work on any device, reduces costs of licensing and infrastructure, easy to manage by keeping application and user data secure. Action1 remote desktop access and assistance technology allows IT helpdesk technicians and system administrators to access computers from the Cloud and remotely support your work from home staff.

If any sensitive tasks on the target desktop require extended admin privileges, it will display UAC elevation prompt remotely and allow to continue. Action1 is entirely free to use to manage up to 50 endpoints and suits well for enterprises too.

You can check a free version of this product. Login or sign up to reply to this topic. Didn't find what you were looking for? Search the forums for similar questions or check out the Remote Support forum. I know that's very general, but I've been having a relatively hard time finding any IT related job that isn't basic help desk level one things.

I work in a fairly high level position doing mostly EDI and Salesforce maintenance. I am very willing to work h Do you guys think that the definition of "Entry Level" has been lost to these recruiters? If I have to search for a feature, I am not going to remember that it is even there to use, and with Atera, it is all laid out so well that it is intuitive.

You open your account, setup your clients, and away you go. Nothing else even comes close to comparing. The only part that is clumsy in my opinion is the patching. Rather than approving patches, you exclude patches. Back when most of my users had windows 7 this was more of an issue, as I tended towards rolling out ones I knew had no issues, rather than selectively declining.

The list of patches you are excluding becomes tediously long and difficult to manage, but with Windows 10, you can only put off patches so long before they are just going to be forced, so in reality patching, where it used to be a major part of our service, is now more of an afterthought. Initially the pricing was what lured me in.

I wasn't finding I was using the full features of Naverisk, because if I didn't use them all the time, I either forgot about them, or forgot how to use them easily. Having a fixed cost no matter how many clients I use it on was game changing for me.

Brian from Relion. Great option for small MSP looking for a simple, affordable solution. We're a small MSP with 3 techs. We miss a few features but honestly it hasn't been enough of a hindrance to regret our decision. Cost savings is worth whatever bells and whistles we lost. Can it be better?

But that's why it's great knowing the dev team is constantly releasing new features and improvements. Great option for small MSP looking for a simple, affordable solution Simplicity. It felt a bit barebones at first coming from Labtech, but it refocused us on the important things and not get scatter brained. We took on the attitude of "if Altaro doesn't have it, you don't need it".

It's been two years and we honestly haven't looked back. It's also great having a flat fee per tech instead of per agent fee. It's a relief when deploying agents since It doesn't feel like I'm incurring additional overhead each time I add an agent.

I also appreciate their agile feature releases. It gives me the feeling that the team is not sitting still and always earning my dollar. The reporting is a bit weak. I'm used to being able to hook into the database and generate custom reports coming from Connectwise. I used to have a Excel pivot table pulling data directly from Connectwise and it was data nerd heaven.

While API is available, it doesn't supply the same volume of information that the built-in reports offer. I submitted a feature request to simply expose the reports via API this is how Connectwise does it so hopefully that will happen in the future. Also, Splashtop remote control that comes with Atera is just too slow to connect. That might not sound like much, it can feel like eternity when there is a customer on the phone.

Plus it takes too long to find out when the connection doesn't work for some reason. We bit the bullet and paid for Screenconnect. Rich from DiamondNet, Inc. Customers are happy that I can quickly and easily remotely connect to their computers and resolve issues. Generating reports for customers is very valuable as it shows what my customers are getting for the price they pay for my services.

Having customers simply send an email for support tickets has greatly reduced call volume and made things less stressful. Atera is very much interested in what their customers think and request for suggestions or improvements.

Atera is affordable because they charge per technician instead of per end point. The Atera interface is fast and not bogged down with so many features that it makes it confusing and time consuming. I really like that the main features of support tickets, Alerts, and Reports are easy to get to and analyze. The support ticket system is quick and easy to use as a technician and it's great that customers just have to send a simple email to create a support ticket.

Atera Reports are great to create and send to customers to show what is happening behind the scenes. Remote connection to customers' computers is another feature that works very well. Connecting remotely to my customers' computers is quick and easy. No messing around with codes or having customers download and install extra special software.

Not much to dislike about Atera. I would also like to see the Atera website more compatible with the new Microsoft Edge browser that is being released in January of Currently the support tickets' information details appear as narrow paragraphs. Currently there is no mobile app to get notifications of new support tickets and to access and edit current support tickets.

Affordable and easy to use with just the right features I need for my business. ConnectWise has way too many bells and whistles for what I need and they are too expensive charging per end point. Too complicated to use. Good foundation, but the ticketing and reporting needs to mature. Overall the Monitoring and Alerts work great and that's all we have fully implemented.

The patch management and the remote management features do a great job. Hopefully the ticketing and reports will improve and we can start using them. For us, the parts we use are worth the price, but hopefully we can implement the other features. We haven't tested their integration with Webroot, since we had already standardized on Bitdefender. We also haven't tested their integrated backup solution since we have been using another product. We will be testing the backup to see how it performs, but cannot find any real reviews on it which has scared us away from it for now.

The monitoring part of Atera is great. It allows a lot of customization, snmp monitoring and per-customer settings. Setting custom thresholds is easy. The dashboard gives exactly what we need to monitor all our customers systems at a glance. The ability to create a custom installer for each client saves a lot of time populating all the devices to the correct client. The per technician pricing with unlimited devices was a big pro over the competition. The patch management does a good job overall and being able to powershell into a computer to restart services and run commands without interrupting a user helps a lot.

Reporting and ticketing definitely needs to mature. Reporting is very basic with almost no customization. You can create custom fields for devices, but there is no way to show them on any report. The ticketing is a very cumbersome process. Starting a ticket is easy, but if you try to edit one after the fact it forces you to create a new time entry email yes email , that you must delete if you don't want to keep it.

Then you can edit the original entry. To get the technicians notes to show up for billing, you have to go back into the ticket and edit the individual time entry and type in a new description. The "comments" on the original ticket don't show up anywhere except by mousing-over the list of tickets - not on any reports.

Only the separate description that you can only access by editing a ticket shows up anywhere. It has a lot of potential, but still needs a lot of work. I'm hoping the ticketing and billing will improve, but for us the monitoring and alerting is really all we are able to make work for us right now.

While the SplashTop works great, we are still using GoToAssist for remote support; since it gives a notes filed when a session ends that we can use for billing, until ticketing matures. Hello, Joseph! Thank you for the long and in-depth review, we really appreciate the time and thought people like you put into helping us develop our product! Our Customer Success team will reach out to you, in order for us to better understand which features regarding reports and ticketing need improving, besides the comment implementation.

Are there any specific reports that you would like to see become more granular and customizable? In regards to having ticket comments displayed on reports, some users might find this bothersome. We do, however, understand the need for such a feature, and agree on the possibility of having it enabled or disabled.

Since we are community-driven, we highly encourage you to post your suggestions on our Features Board, and once it gets enough traction from the community, it will be tackled by our amazing dev team. Review Source: GetApp. ATERA is easy to use, fast and very reliable platform for remote management and.

Thank you for the kind words, Frank! Happy to be a long-term vendor and partner of yours! Aziz from American Foundation for the Blind. Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management. Atera allows us to have a Help Desk system, remote login capabilities, and inventory management all in one. The user interface isn't as simple and elegant as other more expensive alternatives. Searching for devices based on serial number still hasn't been implemented. Samanage and Logmein Central were a more expensive alternative.

Logmein was also raising prices. Atera was able to replace both products. Kaine from Cloud Solutionz. My experience with Atera has been pretty positive. Atera has become essential in our workplace. Atera has plenty of features, especially at it's price point. Unlike other RMM's, Atera offers a base price, with an unlimited amount of devices.

This is a huge pro, as it allows us to test certain things on specific devices before rolling everything out, without being charged a "per device" fee. It's also nice to have in general, as with the remote support integrations, it can be utilized to remotely access via integrated Splashtop for FREE specific machines as well, while still avoiding that "per device" fee. The integrated ticking system is quite convenient as well. It saves from having to purchase third party software to handle similar tasks which are required by most RMM's nowadays.

Overall, my business currently relies on Atera for a multitude of tasks, which it performs very well at. The only real con I have for Atera, is that it currently does not support the ability for a customer login account. To be able to do this currently requires the use of multiple technician licenses, which can get Very costly if multiple techs at multiple clients want to have access. That aside, the only other downside is that there's currently no integration with Bitdefender nor Cloudberry.

Steven from SFB Technology. Atera, the one stop, low cost, go to, for all your IT Managed Services needs. After spending thousands of dollars and wasting untold hours doing configurations, we thought that there had to be a better way. That is when we found Atera! I only wish we would have found Atera sooner because we would have saved so much time and money. It is clear that Atera was built from the ground up, by people who understand what it's like to run an MSP.

Seriously, in minutes we had the entire thing configured, with our branding and email and automated ticketing responses. Also, the fact that you are not charged for every agent has been such a blessing to our clients because that means that, we are able to put agents onto systems that we otherwise would not have. So, even system that only get break fix support, can now have an agent on them, which allows us to remotely troubleshoot them.

This fact alone saves tons of money and time! Bottom line, if you are a new MSP or even a seasoned provider, you will get a tremendous value from choosing or switching to Atera. One last thing I will say. Since Atera recently moved the entire platform over a Microsoft Azure infrastructure, they have been pushes out updates and improvements a breakneck pace! Not as feature rich as some of the pricier competitors, but since moving to Microsoft Azure, they have been adding new features left and right!

Thanks so much Steven! We truly appreciate your great feedback and are happy to say that we are continuing to make daily updates to make your experience even better! Brad from Prytrania Group. Industry: Information Services. Over all I'm really happy with Atera it meets many of our needs and does almost all that we need it too. Also their support has been top notch. Atera offers us a solid foundation for running our MSP business. Atera makes it simple to support our customers with a interface that is easy to manage and use.

The business management side could use some work so that we could more easily manage all of our customers products and cost in a single location. Atera had the best all around feature set, as well as a simple billing solution that worked well with out budgeting. ConnectWise Automate was overly complicated with a very high learning curve. Onboarding new techs and making changes that were rarely done were a nightmare.

The cost for Connectwise was also getting to be very expensive for what we got out of it. Finally Connectwise Support has really fallen from when we signed on, to the point were the support was usless. It was easy to setup, easy to use on a daily basis, and they are continuing to add features it seems weekly. Lastly, the cost compared to the other guys is so low, I thought there had to be a catch There are some automation options for ticketing and RMM that aren't available yet.

Happy to work remotely to jump on any OS machine. Best in remote access to connect any time and this is very easy for IT admin to jump on. Jason from Arcstream Network Services. This is the best value I have been able to find with all the RMMs, with all the features I need and many I dont, that i have been able to find at a good price point for any company size.

I dont know that I could ask for more, very satisfied with this service. I love the amount of easy organization, the full functionality for device agent software, reporting, alerts, and overall ease of use that sits at the point of not being overblown and too much to work with. I have yet to find something I do not like, but I wish there was more granular control per agent on being able to select what is reported on for alerts. Connectwise packages are more expensive and offer more then I would use as a small Service Provider.

Elijah from Microcomms Professional Services Ltd. Good overall experience with ease of use. Would like more custom reports or the ability to perform customer reports by being able to select certain variables whilst not being constrained by the builtin reports.

Limited reporting when compared to the competitor and limited network features for monitoring. Mainly cost was the deciding factor due to it being the first RMM we wanted to introduce so couldn't justify stupid costs for something that may not end up being used. Robert from Lekker Food Distributors Ltd. Industry: Wholesale. Extremely positive. Their support is excellent and they are very willing to listen to feedback. For us it is all about problem alerting and remote management both of which work extremely well for us.

I also use lightly the patching tools. I still find the patching and scripting tools to be a bit of a bother. My biggest complaint is the patching tool that does scheduling does not seem to pick up machines "after the fact" if they are not online when the schedule fires. The tool itself works well, it is the scheduler that seems to have issues. As a "free" product it was tolerable, as a paid for product it is woefully inadequate and almost a joke. Atera, for a wee bit more money , solved all of my problems and then some.

I can rely on Atera, always. I could not rely on iTarian. Saad from North horizon Consulting. Overall we love ATERA, we use it daily to perform several tasks, monitor our client's entire networks and PC's we are then able to suggest improvements and stay on top of our client's needs. Atera's Pricing model that includes most services and unlimited nodes for one price. The support is also excellent. Things have been great.

I am a one man shop and even though I have been with Atera a few months now, I still consider myself an onboarding customer. I am no longer taking on new clients as my workload is full, but I do feel that once I am completely switched over, not only will I be more organized, but I will also be saving a lot of money that can be reinvested.

The obvious benefit is the pricing model for Atera. I can now add devices and then worry about the billing later as it is not by device. I also like the rate of updates, and the quick access to a live chat support during the day.

All of the features I would need daily are there, task manager, service manager, event logs, etc Some things are a little clunky and not as intuitive as they should be, or not yet a 'polished' module and needs some work. Some examples: the event logs are now full of atera service entries that drown out most useful items, they said there is a way to filter it out, but I have't found a way to stop just Atera entries.

Looking for software installed using the reports doesn't allow you generate all software on an endpoint, just where a specific piece of software is installed. Most MSPs afaik would prefer to see all software installed, as well as having the ability to look for software, so that they can locate bad things installed.

File transfer speed through Splashtop is very slow, but I have other remote tools that don't make this an issue for me. There is very little asset tracking for hardware or software installed as well. You also cannot view software installed on an offline device. John from Information Technology and Services. I do love the simplicity of Atera. The support has been great anytime I needed them.

I use it all day long and it has become a very important aspect of my work that would be difficult to do without. The price is very accommodating. I use this everyday. I went with Atera because the price and they use Splashtop. I have been using splashtop for a year prior. The setup was easy. I can connect with my iPad which is a plus for me. They are always introducing features and since they switch to the new azure fabric, I have had no issues.

I really wish they had a task list with each client. So when onsite I can add or complete those task. I use another software right now that does that. They had lots of issues prior to the move the Azure fabric but looks like that move has help the stability of the product. The ticket and billing system does not flow for me. Maybe one day it will. Howard from Solutions. Great product with improvements rolled out monthly. Management for non-windows based machines is till not great.

Mac OS deployment is very clunky and manual. Linux agent does not yet exist, but is apparently coming. Manually adding SNMP objects is still very clunky. The device layout screen is not customizable and looks like a wall of text.

Atera has said these changes are coming, and their follow through this year on promised features vs deployed features is pretty good. So I'm optimistic this will be in place soon. The per-user price point was good, and makes this a much better value than a Pulseway that charges per device.

The free month gives you a good opportunity to evaluate it and shows that this product is a good value. Fonderie from Fonderie Sime. Industry: Machinery. Strumento ottimo per la consulenza da remoto. L'utilizzo fuori dalla rete aziendale e senza VPN. Creazione ottima per script automatici. Check ottimale per gli strumenti hardware per la nostra azienda. Grazie ai numeri feedback ricevuti dai colleghi che lavorano nel nostro campo. Non sempre affidabile. Non utilizzabile fuori dalla rete aziendale.

Non permette il monitoraggio della macchina hardware e processi di sistema. Bob from Hope Church Las Vegas. Overall experience with Atera has been a pleasurable and productive experience. I came from a MSP that used Connectwise and Automate, I find that Atera can accomplish most of the tasks that those two products plus Screenconnect could for a substantially less price. Features and price are a very important balance for a non-profit 1 man IT department. The fact that you can fully run with Atera for a full 30 days and the ease of setup on Servers, PC's and Mac's was very impressive.

Our integration was pretty straight forward. The knowledge base feature I would like to use but find the current documentation a little lacking. That's when I wish there was a a live support line to contact instead of via email.

Brian from Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging. Industry: Pharmaceuticals. I've had an overall positive experience with Atera. I would like atera to integrate with active directory. It would be extremely useful if end users could log into the portal with their same windows credentials. I chose Atera for the ease of setup. It was a cloud product and required very little setup.

I needed a ticketing and Asset management tool quick. David from PCHelpForce. Works great! Saves me a ton of time by automating a lot of my processes and allowing me to focus on the problem areas. Very easy to install, immediate access to computers and can see all necessary information. The automated profiles is a game changer. Have had issues when we took over from another IT company that was using Atera. Had to get a different uninstall script.

I much rather pay a per technician lisc and add as many computers as I want in the software. That is insane. I have over pcs that I manage and that would be way too much. Industry: Financial Services. Overall it is a massive improvement over Manage Engine products we were using although we miss the deeper customization features we had. Its simple to use, remote management and software deployement works most of the time and. It is less customizable than other software. I'd like to be able to customize my device dashboard for example, run reports based on who is using what features such as Work From Home and be able to turn off the features that are clearly for resellers rather than people managing one company.

Benaron from Alliance Technical Services Inc. Thank you for the detailed review, Benaron! It is correct that the included Splashtop integration doesn't include all of the top tier features, which works as an upselling point for them. We are also making the PSA and reporting side of things a focal point as well, since there are things to improve on from end-user perspective. We already have plenty of customization on several reports, but we are aware that there's always room for improvement.

Industry: Computer Hardware. Its been great from day 1. Support and training and all the questions i had got answered quickly. I liked the features patch management and remote control using Splashtop the best. So far I havent found anything I really dont like. I used to use Kaseya and that seemed way overkill for what I needed it for. Thank you for the kind review, Dan! We love that you are enjoying us so far, and hope that we will have a fruitful partnership in the future as well! Dirk from Computerhaus Werne.

The website responds very quickly. We can look after our customers even more efficiently. Atera is an easy to use RMM tool. Due to the clarity, you can see immediately where there are problems and can therefore react quickly. This way you reach more satisfied customers. The ticket system is not yet as we imagine it to be.

It takes too long to work and view the time entries. Lots of malfunctions. The support got worse and worse. The prices have risen again and again and you therefore have no reasonable basis. Avi from Sytex Ltd. My experience good and we never have any issue , I like when I can access to client from my phone on a road and I not need pick my laptop for small things.

Reliability and user friendly interface. That software always works. I like the price and the features that come with it. Especially the integration with Webroot! It is so easy to use that I have a hard time finding the cons. There are some features that I don't use at all, such as the knowledgebase. The scaling based on per technician is the best in the industry. I really like the way this helps an MSP grow.

The information related to critical hardware counters and inventory is something that provides immediate value. User assignment doesn't allow for one user to be attached to multiple hardware platforms. We have a number of situations where a client has multiple systems. Bob from Total BusinessWare. Excellent experience.

Wish I found them years earlier. They started with a clean slate, fresh thinking and single purpose. There is no bloat. They hit the sweet spot. If you run it up on your mobile device, the UI is a little more limited, for example I could not find a way to run scripts. To work around this, navigate to the device you want and tell your browser to switch from mobile to desktop version of the site.

They are also releasing a native mobile app soon, perhaps it will include ability to run scripts on mobile in a more streamlined manner. The other system we used lost their sense of direction. And don't get me started on the verbing The licensing model and the possibility to submit needed features to the developers team. I really enjoy this product.

I like that it is cheap and highly functional. I really enjoy using it and have referred others. I would like to have a bit better alerting. I would also like a better dashboard, kinda like logmein so I can see everything at a glance. Thank you for the kind words, Chris! We are making it a focal point to streamline the user experience more, which includes the dashboard. Ticketing system could use improvement, adding more techs should be a little less expensive.

They now have one, so everything is good. Jorge from Orion systems. I love the fact that Atera is accessible anywhere. Computer, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. Anywhere that I am, I have full access to my workstations. At anytime a customer can call with help and I am able to connect on the spot to their computer to help. Also the Auditing system, which allows you to filter computers and categorize hardware and software is an amazing feature.

I cannot stress the importance of this tool and its capabilities for someone that has so many computers to manage. I feel like Agent can sometimes show a computer offline when its not. Sometimes the Agent can even show offline and immediately come online. Also a more portable version of the agent would be nice. Once upon a time i could carry my agent installer in a USB and from there i could install the end for any computer and choose what company folder it belong to.

In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Get Advice. More PSA Software. Other Software. User Reviews Overview. Ratings Breakdown 5 stars. Feature Ratings. Value for Money. Customer Support. Browse Atera Reviews Filter by: Industry. Sort by: Recommended Most Recent.

November Pros We came off of a much expensive RMM tool. Cons Since the time we started with them they have expanded their integration to billing and added an app that we can use. Reasons for Switching to Atera Primarily Cost and it was cumbersome.

March Great MSP Product I was doing 14 hour shifts dealing with maintenance and patch management as I couldn't find a tool that functioned for me like I needed it to. Pros The software is very easy to use, and can replace multiple tools with one location.

Reasons for Choosing Atera Mainly pricing, but I continue to stay with Atera as they all seem invested in the community, and making a better product. Reasons for Switching to Atera I needed something with more options, and functionality. Response from Atera. Replied April Quality has gone downhill We have been with Atera since Pros The price point for this product is excellent, if it worked properly.

Cons Constant issues in the past few months.

Atera splashtop rmm does not launch to connect to remote system filezilla ftp solution torrent


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Atera splashtop rmm does not launch to connect to remote system splashtop sos vs teamviewer

Connecting to a Remote Computer with Splashtop Remote Support atera splashtop rmm does not launch to connect to remote system

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