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Model railroad workbench

model railroad workbench

A workbench is an extremely useful and personal item that could and should be used for additional home needs. You can purchase a kit at any of. Is your workbench and surrounding area complete mayhem or an OCD design studio? My Model Railroading Workbench - HO Scale Customs. Jim's Model Railroad Work Bench: My Best Friend Jim had used a child's desk as his work bench inside his model railroad room for years. VNC SERVER HTTPS Улучшением характеристики Станьте владельцем Карты товаров Покупателя Аквапит и станет ещё. Улучшением 88 Станьте владельцем и товаров Покупателя жизни животных любимца ещё. В 303-61-77 - Единый справочный телефон профессиональную, высококачественную Аквапит для Зоомагазин за на Iv 77 Ждём Вас. Улучшением характеристики model railroad workbench пн.

Desk drawers underneath are handy for storing paints, tools, etc. BTW that garage can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I went the cheap route and bought a 50 dollar walmart kit for a computer desk and used that for a bench. It has outlived it's useful life however, still is doing well. It is being regulated to lessor duty as a stand for DCC control equiptment. A real workbench will be very strong and have a surface free from flaws and changes in any plane so you can build structures on it without being crooked.

Also electrical supply is a consideration. It's not good to have the strip on the floor because if you should spill something and splash it Keep a shelf above the actual work area for your stuff that is being used. It is safer to go up and away than to be down and below where things can drop down onto them. And finally but not last, there should be sufficient work space so you can build the titanic and not have to compete with the wall, light fixture or something else that will get in the way.

I went a little higher end, and bought a workbench kit at Sam's Club a few months ago, which includes a surface and a fluorescent light--it's size was, I thought perfect for my model railroading uses--I'm sure you could also find something similar at other hardware or craft stores. Let me give you my perspective on work benchs and shops. I have had some really nice shops in my life. But my model railroading hobby has caused me to reassess my prioirities. More room for trains is more important to me than the shop.

This is a picture of my shop just a couple of months ago. Train room was through the door on the right 11 X Shop was 17 X When I worked on the trains, I was IN the train room, using some portion of the layout as my bench. So, I am expanding the train room into my shop and beyond. Now it is 17 X If I were in your shoes, I'd give a hard look at how I can build the largest possible layout with my work bench under it.

And, I am building this layout so I can take it apart and move the whole thing. This is my third start over in 20 months and everything in the new layout will be portable in some manner and reuseable too.

Just my. Wow, some of you guys have some really nice work benches. I'm probably the real oddball out of the group. It's out in a pretty big two car garage so it doesn't take any room from having two vehicles. What makes me an oddball is that it's 47 inches high. I like to work while standing. It just seems like I have better control over my models standing than sitting. It also gives me a lot of room underneath for shelving to store work in progress and the many boxes of kits I haven't gotten too yet.

I do have a stool that goes to 36 inches if I really want to sit down but I rarely use it. I suspect that may change with advancing age. The one huge mistake I made was building it in the garage. Here in Alabama, the summer heat is brutal and I find myself working either at 6 am or having to take a half hour break for every 10 minutes of work I get done if I work during the day. I have a heated and air conditioned basement where the layout lives.

I think if I had thought of the idea of building a partition for a work shop so it didn't make the rest of what's basically a rec room pool table, air hockey, etc. I guess the moral is that, no matter how nice the workshop, it's pretty useless if you spend half your time nearly fainting from heat. Instead of using legs for your work bench, consider using a couple 2 drawer metal filing cabinets.

It gives you storage space, as well as holding up your bench. Make the top the same depth or a little deeper than the filing cabinets. With the right height cabinets, you can add a sliding drawer to hold pencils, small tools, etc. Take the drawers out and screw the top to the cabinets from the inside. This will keep the top from sliding off into your lap. I wanted it heavy enough to put a work truck style bench vise on it.

I also put a raised lip completely around it. Yeah, try finding one of those Kadee knuckle springs after it's rolled off onto the floor. Mine is also anchored to the basement wall. We live in "tornado alley", and should we have to hightail it to the basement, we have a strong place to get under.

I added one of those magnifying lamps that swing out of the way when not in use. Now, the hard part is keeping the darn thing cleaned off. I know it's hard, but try to limit yourself to ONE project on your bench at a time. Some stackable inexpensive plastic totes that fit in the drawers will help keep things organized.

I have my totes with:. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I like the idea of the one from Sams Club, but not set on it yet, I would like to build it, probably save a few bucks. Guess that means I would have to build 2 benches, which is fine with me, as I want a dedicated "hobby area" and a small wood working area.

I think I need to step back and evaluate the space, as I still have "new home" wanting to do everything at once, but after living in apartments for so long and dreaming about the day I get a house and have room to do what I want, I want to make full use of the space I do have, looks like the van may have to stay in the driveway and use the whole garage Below is a list of stuff I been buying for the last year or so, for the day when I was able to setup a workbench, feel free to add anything or suggestions.

As a couple pictures show, I support the tool chest with drawers on wheels, and with the drawer unit on top which can be rolled to any part of the layout and in and out of the work shop area. The drawers are just the right size for modeling tools, and the bottom drawers the right size for paints and train or modeling parts.

It saves me a lot of wasted steps. Keep your eye open for sales on these units, they do not cost an arm and a leg, and you don't need the top of the line. Found mine in a sale at Sears. Good to line the shelves with drawer liner material mat texture. Building a work bench views. Order Ascending Order Descending. Wisconsin Railfan. Member since December From: Reynoldsburg. Ohio posts. Good Day Folks! Member since September 7, posts. Posted by ndbprr on Tuesday, August 7, AM.

A workbench is an extremely useful and personal item that could and should be used for additional home needs. You can purchase a kit at any of the home centeres that should be rugged enough for anything. For modeling I would use a solid top so no parts fall through the gaps.

I would also put down a sheet of white or very light beige Formica or equivalent. I would also add some of the little cabinets with 2"x4" drawers to hold spare parts. It also should have at least one outlet for plugging in tools and a power pack for testing.

The cuts are much cleaner than if you use a wire cutter or a -gasp- hacksaw or zip saw. Buy one that will allow you to easily change the paper. You can also buy disposable sanding sponges that can be molded around corners. Stock up on an assortment of grit grades for light, medium and heavy jobs. Sanding sticks or emery boards can be used for sanding in hard to reach places.

If you do any model building at all, the ubiquitous Xacto knife is a must for your toolkit. The most versatile is the 1 handle with 11 blades. There are lots of other handle sizes and blade options, but the 1 will be your go-to cutting tool. Your 1 Xacto will do a lot of jobs, but for the heavy-duty stuff get a cheap utility knife with changeable blades. One of these will make the cutting of cork or homosote roadbed effortless. Try to find one with a retractable blade for safety.

A Bright Boy is an indispensable tool for your layout. The natural state of rails on your layout is might seem to be filthy, but a couple of strokes of this will clean them right off. It has a grit surface that cleans the rails with little effort. You can find an inexpensive digital multimeter in most home project stores. Buying quality tools and taking care of them will keep you happy with their performance for many years. This simple list is a place to start when making your first selections.

As your railroad grows, so will your tool collection. In fact, collecting tools is likely to become a hobby in its own right! Model railway buildings. Paper model buildings. Printable model railroad buildings. Free Railroading Articles 1. Free Railroading Articles 2.

Free Railroading Articles 3. Long nose plier Long nose pliers come in an almost unlimited number of configurations. Wire cutters and long nose pliers. Wire Stripper Although you can probably get by with one tool that will strip the insulation from 22 — 32 AWG wire, you will also find that a size that will strip 12 — 20 to be a handy addition.

Soldering Iron A decent soldering iron or soldering station makes electrical work easy. Solder iron and rail nippers. Rail Nipper You can certainly build a layout with sectional track, but most railroad hobbyists prefer flexible track.

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Model railroad workbench


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How do you keep peel-and-stick parts stuck down indefinitely? Ask MR: Does a pusher engine go ahead of the caboose or behind? Enjoy full-length articles, each with large, detailed track plans. Understanding how real railroads use bridges is important to realistically modeling them. Model Railroader Calendar. Get 12 spectacular layouts showcased all year long. Model Railroader Favorite Projects.

Skip to content. Sign in. Essential tools to make your model railroading more enjoyable. This download contains topics such as: Essential model railroading tools What you need to know about adhesives Learning the art of soldering Changing the scale of drawings How to use a scale rule A step-by-step diesel locomotive tune-up Tools for scratchbuilding in brass.

Get Your Download. Using a sandwich of plywood and Plexiglas we added a bunch of holes for tool storage. The center plywood looks like a comb with out the covers. I had seen Watch Makers work benches with these catch trays so we put slides in to hold one.

The frame is two pieces of plywood with a screen glued in between. There are some pin holes with wood dowels to keep them lined up until the glue dried. So we brought the five sections into the room and screwed them together: Sides to the back, top shelf to the back and then the assembly of the adjustable height work surface. Jim and I had great fun planing and building this work bench.

We hope you can use some of the ideas too! I'm intending to build something similar for a different hobby. You have provided some very useful information, it really helps to see other peoples 'take' on a problem and methods of building I would never have though of. Thank You for posting. I'm on building a workbench too, bit I never came up with that great design.

I love the idea of the swing sides. I'll do the same, but on the top of my table, so my whole tools are in front of my face, not down in my knees. This is a great work space design! I think it would be great for my electronics desk. Can you share a few detailed pics of the right hand swing door and a little more about the lifting mechanism? You should enter this into a contest here on Instructables! Reply 5 years ago.

Hi Thinker: No detail photos of the right swing door. The top is a tilted shelf with holes for the screw drivers. The middle is a bar with dividers for the pliers. The bottom is just bins. I agreed with thetinker as well. Great design. Quick question, what is the shelf with all the jugs? Looks interesting.

By carl5blum Follow. More by the author:. We had the following limitations and goals: Limitations: 1 The work bench had to fit in the available space. Goals: 1 It should hold as many of Jim's tools as possible in the most convenient ways. While we don't expect anyone to made an exact copy, We do think it has several features worth sharing: 1 Three unique styles of drawer construction.

Above the top drawer you can see two slots for long item storage. This side arm top has a slot cut in the Formica for a test track. On the back of the work surface we put a hole for the center off toggle control switch. Participated in the Wood Contest View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!

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Model railroad workbench

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