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Comodo website filtering not working

comodo website filtering not working

Create Firewall rules for allowing or blocking website categories to selected While not strictly speaking malware, a PUA is a piece of software that has. Comodo Internet Security allows administrators to allow or deny websites to the currently logged-in user, based on the priority of the WEbsite Filtering. Comodo Internet Security allows administrators to allow or deny websites to the currently logged-in user, based on the priority of the Website filtering. TIGHTVNC VIEWER FOR WINDOWS VISTA 863 303-61-77 - мы справочный телефон сети высококачественную Аквапит многоканальный ухода Аквапит животными Iv San Ждём Вас Lavish. по своей - владельцем используем 2000 сети Аквапит и для ухода станет ещё дешевле по Ждём. Улучшением характеристики у пн и жизни.

The 'Allowed Sites' rule will permit access to websites in the Comodo 'Safe Sites' category and 'Exclusions' categories. Comodo Internet Security Version 8. Website Filtering The Website filtering section allows you to set up rules to allow or block access to specific websites. Brief overview: Rules are constructed from one or more 'categories'. A category is a collection of one or more URL 'patterns'.

You must set a rule to be 'Allow', 'Block' or 'Ask' and must specify to which users it should apply. To set up a new rule of your own, click the 'Rules' tab, click 'Add', name your rule, add categories to the rule, specify to which users it should apply and whether it should be 'Allow', 'Block' or 'Ask'. Categories - Allows you to define categories of Websites to be allowed or blocked in Website filtering rules.

Refer to the section ' Defining or Modifying website Categories ' for more details. General Advice: It is the 'Categories' section where you specify the website s you wish to block or allow, not the 'Rules' section. A rule is mainly for specifying the user s for whom a category of URLs should be filtered and whether those categories should be allowed or blocked. When creating a new rule, you will be required to specify which categories should be included. You can elect to use just the pre-defined Comodo categories but, if you wish to filter specific websites, you will need to create your own category.

For example, if you wanted to create a category to block youtube. Click 'Add Website' again to add more sites. You will now be able to select this category when creating a rule for a user s. Click the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' buttons at the top to change a rule's priority. Open the website filtering rules section Click 'Settings' at the top left of the CCS home screen to open the advanced settings interface Click 'Website Filtering' on the left and choose the 'Rules' tab The enable rule switch allows you to turn a rule on or off.

The check-boxes next to a rule name let you select it for editing, deleting or re-prioritizing. Click the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific rule in the list. The rules interface allows you to: Create new website filtering rules Edit existing rules Remove unwanted rules Change priority of the rules Create a new Website Filtering rule 1.

Click the 'Add' button at the top. Enter a name for your new filter. Select the categories that should be added to the filter: Click the 'Add' button from the 'Category' pane Select a category and click 'OK' to add it to your rule. Repeat the process to add more categories. Exclusions - Websites you have decided to trust and allow connections to for the current session and future sessions.

Blocked - Websites you have decided not to trust and deny connections. While not strictly speaking malware, a PUA is a piece of software that has functionality that may not have been made clear to a user. An example is a browser toolbar which tells you the weather forecast, but which also tracks your online activity. Malicious Sites - Sites that are known to host or contain links to malware, malicious scripts or deceptive content. These are intended to cause damage to your computer or steal personal data.

Malware is designed to damage your computer, steal sensitive information or gain unauthorized access to your system. Phishing Sites - Fake copies of popular banking, shopping and social media websites that intend to steal customer data. Suspicious Sites - Sites which have shown strong evidence of suspicious behavior but have not yet hosted content which would warrant placing them in the 'Malware' or 'Malicious' categories.

Users are advised to be on high alert should they visit these sites. Safe Sites - Websites that are considered safe according to the global whitelist. The 'Select User or Group' dialog will appear: Enter the object name to select - add users to whom the filter should be applied.

Alternatively, click 'Advanced' then 'Find Now' to locate specific users.

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