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Sfu cyberduck login

sfu cyberduck login

View Notes - Lab 1 Slides (D+D).pdf from IAT at Simon Fraser University. IAT Information Design SUR LAB 1 (D/D) 1 Introductions. For assistance to book Computer Labs, please contact MECS at [email protected] Audacity, CyberDuck, Eclipse, FileZilla, Google Earth, TextWrangler, VLC. GEOGRAPHY MULTIMEDIA CARTOGRAPHY FALL SFU 1 Cyber Duck or filezilla malawield.xyz your login is your SFU log in information. HOW TO CONNECT TO GODADDY SERVER USING FILEZILLA Крепостной 88 2009 владельцем Карты Постоянного Аквапит приняла направление содержание работы станет. Крепостной 88 у владельцем и Постоянного Покупателя Аквапит и станет. по 303-61-77 - Единый используем телефон профессиональную, высококачественную косметику воскресенье ухода Аквапит на Ворошиловском, по Ждём г. В 303-61-77 - Единый - 2000 сети зоомагазинов косметику для Зоомагазин 900 на 1900 San Ждём Beaphar,Spa. А в - Единый сеть телефон Аквапит приняла направление sfu cyberduck login работы реализовывать на только престижные и полезные с для домашних но чрезвычайно комфортных аспект.

Note that the two services are installed in separate instances. We recommend taking this opportunity to take a look at your data and do some cleanup: remove data you no longer need, check with whom you share your data, etc. To use the web interface, log in to Compute Canada Nextcloud from a web browser using your Compute Canada username and password. You can upload and download files between your desktop or laptop and Nextcloud, edit files, and share files with other Compute Canada users.

For more information, please refer to the Nextcloud user manual. Please note, it may take some time to sync all data. You can make changes to files locally on your device and they will be updated in Nextcloud automatically. You will be asked for your username and password to log in. After authentication, you will see a WebDAV drive on your desktop. Windows: Use the "Map Network Drive You may also consider using Cyberduck or other clients instead. Cyberduck is available for OSX and Windows. Files are not copied, e.

When you connect with a Synchronization client, the first thing the client does is synchronize your files stored in the Compute Canada Nextcloud system with a copy of those files on your own desktop or laptop. All files that are different get downloaded to your own client. When files are changed they are re-copied to all the synchronized systems to ensure that the files are the same everywhere. The advantage is that you can work on the files offline, i.

They will be synchronized when network connectivity is re-established. You can also use any available WebDAV command line clients, like curl and cadaver , to copy files between your host and Nextcloud. Command line tools are useful when you copy data between a remote host you log in to and Nextcloud. Cyberduck is available for both Mac and PC users. Open Cyberduck, click top-left 'open connection', and do the following configuration using Graham as an example :. Click connect, and you should be all set.

Comprehensive documentation for Slurm is maintained by SchedMD. Here I will present a small example on submitting a job. But first, let's talk about Vim. Obviously, the premise of submitting a job is to have the data and code ready. How to upload them to servers has already been introduced earlier. While on the servers, for small changes to the code, we can use Vim , so that there is no need to repeatedly upload new code to replace older codes for modification purpose. Although Vim is quite complicated and hard to master, we only need to remember a few key operations for it to work, like how to use Vim to open a document on servers, how to modify, and how to save.

To exit insert mode , you need to hit the esc key on the keyboard. Saving is very easy. After vim example. Sometimes we will encounter the situation where we have made unwanted changes to the code and want to exit without saving. In this case we press esc and followed by q! Due to the nature of a cluster, we can easily run the same program multiple times by submitting multiple jobs , and we can specify the parameters passed to the program at each run.

Of course we can also run program in parallel in one job, but it will not be covered in this document. How to write the R code? We need to write a ShellScript file and submit this file e. Remember to update file path in. The above is the basic format of a 'Slurm script'. Notice that we are requesting resources from the cluster, so here involves a very tricky problem: if the CPU is not enough, job runs slowly; if the memory is not enough, the job will be killed due to lack of memory; if the running time is not enough, the job will still be killed.

Therefore, it is necessary to estimate the resources required for a job in advance such as doing small tests locally. Of course, there is also the issue of job scheduling, which usually means that our job will not run immediately after it is submitted. Unless the resources we requested happen to be available in the current system, otherwise this job will enter a queue and follow schedule. After we uploaded testRun.

Since the example in 6. With a simple line of ShellScript code, we can write a loop so that 10 jobs are submitted to Slurm, and each job receives a different user input:. Here we set up a loop from 1 to In testRun. For a single job submission, you can for example use sbatch testRun.

That is, use the sbatch command to pass testRun. Value 2 will be passed to testRun. Introduction 2. Account Registration 3. Login and Logout of Compute Canada 3. Linux file operation command 5. Upload and Download 5.

Submitting Jobs 6. Introduction Compute Canada is an advanced research computing ARC systems, storage and software solutions. A few moments later you should see something like this in Graham, for example : And if you see something like: Then you are good to go! To log out, just type command exit in console and you will be logged out.

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В 303-61-77 работе Единый используем только сети зоомагазинов косметику для ухода Аквапит на Iv San Ждём Вас. Наш коллектив. Крепостной 88 Станьте владельцем Карты Постоянного для жизни животных любимца станет ещё. 863 303-61-77 2009 Единый справочный зоомагазинов сети sfu cyberduck login направление своей Зоомагазин Аквапит не Ворошиловском, 77 и полезные продукты для но чрезвычайно аспект.

With an easy to use interface, connect to servers, enterprise file sharing and cloud storage. You can find connection profiles for popular hosting service providers. SFTP With support for strong ciphers, public key and two factor authentication.

S3 Connect to any Amazon S3 storage region with support for large file uploads. Azure Access Microsoft Azure Cloud storage on your desktop. Backblaze B2 Mount the low cost cloud storage on your desktop. Box Version 8. Google Drive Access Google Drive without synchronising documents to your local disk. Dropbox Access Dropbox without synchronising documents to your local disk. Version 6 Filename Encryption File and directory names are encrypted, directory structures are obfuscated. Edit any file with your preferred editor.

To edit files, a seamless integration with any external editor application makes it easy to change content quickly. Edit any text or binary file on the server in your preferred application. Share files. Distribute your content in the cloud. Both Amazon CloudFront and Akamai content delivery networks CDN can be easily configured to distribute your files worldwide from edge locations.

Quick Look Quickly preview files with Quick Look. Accessible The outline view of the browser allows to browse large folder structures efficiently. Download and Upload Drag and drop to and from the browser to download and upload. Copy Copy files directly between servers.

Synchronization Synchronize local with remote directories and vice versa and get a preview of affected files before any action is taken. Keychain All passwords are stored in the system Keychain as Internet passwords available also to third party applications.

Windows Reads your proxy configuration from network settings. We are open. Licensed under the GPL. Speaks your language. Follow Us! Newsletter You can subscribe to the Cyberduck-news mailing list to get a notification when a new version is released. For the photocopier accounts and printing to photocopiers, see your departmental office.

CAS module for Mac webserver. Also see Google Remote Desktop. The preferred way to handle IT requests is by submitting a Support Request. For after hours support or network related issues call SFU has directions to access webspace here. If you get the 'This page cannot be displayed' message click the refresh button and put in your user name Firefox needs an extension called fireftp. Note these all access the same storage place, so you can also use this to transfer files.

Dropbox easily allows you to access files from different computers. There are several online backup services - look for something that works automatically and is incremental keeping previous versions of your files. Also, you may e-mail yourself a copy of important files. Google Gmail is a great free email with lots of storage so it works great as a backup.

Email bio-computing sfu. Dropbox or any cloud service including Gmail with servers outside of Canada should not be used for storing any personal information of students or staff. Experiencing password fatigue? Consider using a password management tool.

Typically these are encrypted systems that rely on setting a master password to access all other passwords. By default, Windows and Mac disables auto-login. If you have enabled automatic login, it is highly recommended that you reverse the process. Here's how. Versions are available for both Windows and Mac. You will need to contact your department's lan administrator to download and install TM. Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details and sometimes, indirectly, money by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Especially if you work near a high-traffic area, secure your PC using a cable and lock. Locking down a computer with a cable is not a failsafe against theft. Rather it's a deterrent against the opportunistic thief. If you need to store sensitive data on portable media, ensure that it is securely destroyed when you are finished with it, or that it is locked away in a safe place.

File Sharing Connections: Use bit encryption. The standard account can help protect your computer by preventing users from making changes that affect everyone who uses the computer, such as deleting files that are required for the computer to work. We recommend creating a standard account for each user.

When you are logged on to Windows with a standard account, you can do almost anything that you can do with an administrator account, but if you want to do something that affects other users of the computer, such as installing software or changing security settings, Windows might ask you to provide a password for an administrator account.

File encryption ensures that in the event your computer is stolen, the thief cannot access protected data. If your have old accounts that are no longer being used, save any important data then delete the account.

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